Night in XIV!

The night! Yes, most folks tend to dislike it when it comes to screenshot taking because there is often not enough light or the light can be rather poor so it can be tough to make out things. While that is true, the other fact remains is that this game can be very very pretty […]

Appearances may be deceiving!

If you’ve been playing videogames for any length of time, you’ve probably got a really good idea on the type of games you like. You’ve experimented with various genres and subgenres of games to find just what scratches that itch. Some folks just go by reviews or now video reviews, others just rely on the […]

Character Creation!

So while I’ve talked in length about fleshing out your character, explaining their quirks and why they do what they do, I figured I would talk a little bit about the act of simply making them. I wanted to talk specifically about XIV since it’s really the only MMO I’ve played (I tried out XI […]

FC Tips!

Oh hey back to more XIV themed entries, I know you wanted it! Anyways I’m sure this entry sounds a bit laughable considering I don’t tend to stay in Free Companies for very long but I’ve noticed little issues in a lot of FC’s that I figured could be identified and tackled so we can […]

The Grind is Real

“K’! K’!” Ulu yelled as she hurried over to him, decked out in some black and purple frilly dress, a pointed hat with an eye patch and boots. The silver haired lalafell looked his fellow black haired lala over and shook his head. “What in the hells are you wearing?” “It’s an outfit I bought […]

Sonic Mania Mini Review!

Sonic Mania, a bit of a love letter to the old school Sonic games. It was released recently, made by Christian Whitehead and a host of other folks, it’s a 2D Sonic game that could be considered Sonic 4. Yes we did have a Sonic 4 but it seems like Sega is more happy to […]

Welcome to Haukke Manor

Ahhh Haukke Manor, such a lovely place. Any time of year, you can find it here. ‘Here’ being the Central Shroud, a large manor that lies past the Sorrel Haven, if you can even call it that with all of the ghosts and giant morbols that haunt the area. Once you get past that, you […]

Ruby Sea Photoshoot

(This is an older entry I did during the first week of SB, reposting since I did a site redesign!) First off I’d like to say that I have not completed Stormblood yet. It sounds a bit crazy but I wanted to take my time with it. Anywho, while Heavensward was decent, a lot of […]

The Gold Saucer Caper!

“All right, so we know what we came here to do, correct? Everyone is absolutely clear about our mission? Do I need to go over it again?” K’ asked as he looked around the table as the ever so loud music of the Gold Saucer blared over their ears. Renault, his studious male Au Ra […]